What does success mean
to your customer? Increased adoption? Higher ROI? Lower Cost?

Obtain a faster time to loyal Customers
Follow a Customer Success Roadmap

What does success mean to your customer?
How does your product enable your customers to achieve that success?
How does that change over the various stages of your customer's lifecycle?

These are some of the questions that a Customer Success Roadmap is the lynchpin to formalizing and executing.

Driving a community of practice dedicated to Customer Success, with an agreed upon vision, and competency supports successful and loyal customers.

From onboarding to driving adoption, low-touch to high-touch, our methodology keeps you in-front of changing organizational priorities and transforms the way your business thinks about Customer Success. 

Organizational obstacles
might be holding you back​

Primary obstacles to widespread Customer Success

A Customer Success Roadmap and Charter is designed to overcome these impediments

According to a study produced by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology these were some of the measurements of Primary Obstacles to widespread Customer Success. Copyright © Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Lack of understanding or how to use software


Lack of management bandwidth to support success                       


Lack of skills in the line of business


Culture does not encourage sharing information


Customer Success Roadmap
Best Practices


Executive Sponsorship

Acknowledge the need, urgency, and willingness for change.


Measure & Communicate
Business Effectiveness

Measure success and recognize the value of improvement and communicate success.


a Guiding Team

Interlock all the Lines of Business. 
A  seat at the table ensures buy in.


Plan for
Organizational Readiness

Think strategically but act tactically in incremental steps.


Immediate Value

Develop a strategic plan with quick wins.

Organization, Knowledge and Implementation Silos
inhibit Customer Success

Stovepipe implementations can lead to duplications of efforts, a variety of tools used​. This can lead to the risk of NO SINGLE VERSION OF THE TRUTH, a major impediment to Customer Success.

When there is no sharing of Best Practices or little socialization among your organization or departments, IP Capital can be dispersed​ and impede Customer Success.

Sporadic department by department deployments that are non-aligned with corporate goals can lead to the duplication of efforts. These can be a contributor to the lack of Customer Success for an organization.​

Customer Success
Roadmap Interlocks


Business, IT, Support, Services, etc. interlock by being members of a Guiding Team


Customer Success team interlocks with the Lines of Business via Support, Services, Offerings, and Community of Practice Knowledge Stewards


Customer Success team interlocks with User Groups & Communication Vehicles for Education, Evangelism, and Best Practices, Success Stories


Customer Success team interlocks with the Guiding Team regularly to report results, performance, and activities. In turn, it receives direction and priorities.


Guiding Team interlocks with C levels for corporate alignment and to receive any changing corporate priorities. 

Break down the silos by driving a Customer Success Roadmap that supports strategy to execution. 

Deliver a cross-functional Customer Success Roadmap and Charter with an Executive Planning Workshop by Jambly

4 Key Tenants of a
Customer Success
Executive Planning Workshop

The benefits are huge.
But the scope can seem daunting.
Where to start? What to do?

Our modular workshop enables clients to easily move their journey forward.
It has the following 4 key tenants:


Be Inclusive and 

Engage cross-functional Teams to achieve alignment and “buy-in”. Roundtable and workshops with business segments ensure alignment in the design process.


your Culture

No two organizations are the same. A collaborative workshop approach enables a design approach that creates a unique model for your organization. 


Consider the
"Art of the Possible"

In the context of your current business initiatives define scope, goals, and prioritization. Be realistic, yet think outside the box. 


Build a
Pragmatic Blueprint

Measure each focal area and prioritize by thinking strategically but acting tactically. Achieve agreement on Quick Wins and iterative successes.

Customer Success Roadmap
Executive Planning Workshop

A proven modular approach to building a
Customer Success Roadmap and Charter 

Customer Success Primer

Interactive presentation and discussion
Awareness and Education on concepts 
Customer Success fundamentals
Fosters an understanding of best practices
Establishes a baseline recognition of needs
Jointly discovers catalysts for change
Discussion of desired outcomes
Alignment to move forward
Builds a coalition of the willing
Determine fit ->

Executive Workshop.
Playbook and Alignment Session

Kick off Meeting
Customer Success 'Playbook'
Group discovery excercises 
Catalysts, Desired Outcomes
Organizational Roadblocks
Group voting on priorities
Vision session with stakeholders
Determine high level scope
Modular Components walk through
Mission, Scope, and Initial Focal Areas aligned ->

Focussed Planning.
10 Focal Area Sessions

Interactive planning sessions for each Focal Area
For each focal area collaboratively design:
Component Gaps
Success Criteria
Actionable items to address each Gap
Quick Wins vs. Longterm
Measurements of Success
Communication Strategy
Success Criteria

Additionally for the overall: 

Vision, Mission, Model, Interlocks, Roles, Responsibilities, Sponsorship, Success Metrics, Risk Factors, Education, Support, Evangelism, Centralized/Shared Services, Funding and more

Components Approach aligned->

Blueprint Customer Success Roadmap and Charter.

Compile and synthesize findings
Develop Timeline and Roadmap based upon priorities
Draft recommendations
Present and discuss for agreement
Obtain feedback from participants

Deliver Customer Success Roadmap and Charter.

What our fantastic clients say

“All of the participants were very positive about the workshop. The structure and approach was spot on. It was paced well with enough of the detail without being overwhelming. It simplified and clarified a number of areas for us that we could take to the next phase - our CFO's words were - 'wow this is very comprehensive‘” 


“The workshop provided a venue to bring together a cross functional team to assess the BI requirements, challenges and gaps.  The workshop facilities discussions and idea generation around data integrity, data process flows, data governance, best practices, and tool sets. It highlights the importance of creating a customer success BI ecosystem at the enterprise level".

Verizon Wireless

“The Planning Workshop process was critical for our implementation at Astral Media for customer success. It helped clarify the roles and responsibilities, overall structure and defined our key priorities for the first year of activity.” 

Astral Radio

They were referred to D&A as an organization with the credentials and experience required to examine and confirm the best data & analytics practices required for a D&A group to attain the ranking and status as a Data & Analytics Center of Excellence for Customer Success.

They examined the practices, policies, and procedures of the D&A group. Their examination also included D&A outreach programs, new technologies being employed, and quality. They confirmed those items that met the best practices and standards and offered recommendations/suggestions for practices that were not yet at the required level. They then validated that the changes had been made and that the required levels of performance had been achieved. They also made a number of observations/recommendations as to the strategic direction that the D&A group had defined.

​They are very passionate about the data and analytics field and continues to promote the industry best practices for customer success to both private and public sector organizations and individuals. Their professionalism and dedicated adherence to the high standards required to be named a Data & Analytics Center of Excellence for Customer Success are deeply appreciated.

Deputy Director
Family & Social Services Administration
State of Indiana

Cloud Communications and Consulting